Dwindling resources are forcing us to rethink our modern life. We need to act, if we want to preserve an environment worth living in. Either we minimize the need for energy and raw materials or we find new sustainable sources. We can do both and realize true efficiency!

Energy Efficiency and Englishes will show you how an efficient supply of raw materials and energy can be guaranteed in the future.


Don’t understand why mankind wastes the world’s energy and raw materials? Well, we don’t either. Even if you cannot change the world, you can make a start on this project.

In your courses you will learn to use energy and natural resources responsibly. And you will acquire professional language skills to spread this knowledge through the world.


This is your task: Tell the world that a better future is possible. But be aware that every culture has a unique understanding of how to deal with our natural resources. In order to understand cultures and their individual needs, you will have to be aware of cultural differences and similarities.
This is why our degree program helps you to acquire professional English language skills and the competencies to act in intercultural situations.


Environmental protection policies and shrinking resources have changed the world economy. Companies with locations around the globe are looking for qualified employees and executive staff, who can find their way in rapidly changing world markets and different cultures.
These circumstances mean excellent employment opportunities for graduates of the Energy Efficiency and Englishes.